Sunday, January 11, 2009

16 Random Things

I noticed Donielle & Shelley both posted 16 Random Things so I thought I would do it too.....Please join in on the fun!

1. I love being a mommy

2. I've been married for 10 years

3. My Birthday is in October

4. I drink Diet Dr. Pepper all the time!!!

5. I LOVE to take pictures

6. I love reading Blogs!

7. No matter what I wear or what I do I never feel like I'm as good as someone else

8. I like to camp although I've only been camping 2 times with Corey with Cub Scouts but I really had fun!

9. I am the Den Leader for Corey's Cub Scout Den....that has been an adventure!

10. I Love Antiques

11. I love to Scrapbook!

12. I am Methodist

13. I HATE my Haircut.....I can't wait until Jan. 21st to get something DIFFERENT done!

14. I let people run over me WAY too much instead of standing up for myself!

15. My favorite time of year is Christmas

16. I Love Snickers Ice Cream......uhm......ya think that has anything to do with my weight problem?

Okay folks.......I want to hear abut YOU!!!!!!

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday afternoon!


Mary Lou said...

I did this on my post too! Check it out! I'm learning that I must be the only one on earth who's not into scrapbooking! Whoohoo!!

Shari said...
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Missy's Blog said...

Hey Shari ... you might want to visit my blog today ... "someone" was the winner of my little bloggy give-a-way ... *Ü*

Donielle said...

Aww..number 7 makes me sad. Don't compare yourself to other people, because I guarantee you they are comparing themselves to someone too. I'll tell you that you have the prettiest eyes of anyone I know. So there, nobody can beat you in that!! And Mary Lou, I don't scrapbook either.

Kelly said...

I knew everything about you! But, why do you hate your hair cut and Donielle is right?!?!

Mary Elizabeth said...

HA! Here I am telling you at the bus stop you'll have to post and you already have! Go Girl!!! ;)