Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Busy, Busy Weekend

Friday Night Blogger's Blast

Words can not express how much fun I had Friday night. I loved meeting all you that I didn't know and I loved spending time with the ones I already knew. I really enjoyed hearing how you all started Blogging. I took several pictures but I don't think I have any that have not already been posted. Thank You so much Judi and Wendy for all the work and planning you did to make this such a special night. And Thank You Mandy for the Blogger's Plaque, I love it! I can't wait until the next Bloggers Blast!

Thank You Again!!! It was definitely a night of memories!


Corey & I got up super early Saturday morning to meet some friends and go to Raleigh to the Living Science Museum for the Exotic Reptile & Amphibian Exhibit. It was so crowded that I told my husband I was pushed & shoved more in the museum than I was when I went shopping the Friday after Thanksgiving. But Corey & his friends had so much fun it was worth it all.

This is the group!
Aren't they cute?

He did NOT get this curiosity from me!

These are two funny boys!

I was glad for the 'glass'

But....oh no!
This was nothing but Y-U-C-K!!!!!!

Big Teeth!

And this is my little Scientist!
He reminds me so much of his grandaddy!
Corey & I were both exhausted Sunday so we didn't even make it to church. I had to finish preparing for my Cub Scout Meeting so we stayed home and I let Corey sleep!
We went to my parents for lunch then it was time for Corey & I to go to our Cub Scout meeting!
Then.........it was Monday morning again!.........ALREADY!!!!!
I hope you all have a Great Wednesday!


Missy's Blog said...

Oh my goodness ... that looks like such a GREAT museum!

I can't believe he's touching all of those snakes ... never in a million years would I touch one.

Michele said...

What great pics you got at the museum!!! And wow what a busy weekend! Glad it was a great one!

Kelly said...

Looks like Corey had a great time at the Museum! You take the best pictures of him!

Judi said...

You can still post your pictures. If you ever want to do a blog book you won't have those pictures on your blog. It sounds like you had a great weekend.

Wendy said...

So glad we got to meet. We probably cross paths in Franklin all the time and don't even know it! LOL

Looks like a great time at the museum, and a relaxing day on Sunday!

Judson's Mommy said...

Sounds like you all were busy. Great pics!

Donielle said...

Great pictures! Those snakes look nasty...ewwww! I'm like you, keep them in the glass. Glad ya'll had a great weekend.