Saturday, March 28, 2009

Corey's Birthday Party

Where do I even start?
Today we had Corey's Birthday party at the Skating Rink
in Franklin
Well.......we sent out about 40 invitations
We invited both 3rd Grade classes at school, the other 6 boys in our Cub Scout Den
and a few other friends
I started getting phone calls for regrets last weekend
and by last night I was really thinking we were going to be lucky if we had 10 kids.....
How sad is that thought?
We got to the Skating Rink to set up and the kids started coming.......
and coming.......
All in all we had about 31 kids (& some parents)
It was AWESOME!!!!!!
I think Ballgames were cancelled
and other's plans just changed
Corey was so excited......
And it made me feel SOOOO good!
What a Great Party we ended up having after all!
Here is the hat Corey picked out the other night at Party City to wear at his party
That we forgot all about until we were cleaning up

Carol made the cake from the invitations
Did y'all see the invitations Mary D. did for us?
She is so talented
and Carol is amazing
Here is Corey skating

Doesn't he look so happy?

And here he has collected some of the balloons to pass out to his friends after the party

OK........the party was not all wonderful
Carol (one of my Best Friends)
decided to be a 'cool mom' for her son
and skate......well......
she got a little too comfortable
and fell.......
That's right........
she fell.......
One of the parents took her to the ER
after the party I went to the hospital to check things out
and to pick her up
Only to find out
she BROKE her arm
That's right.......BROKE
Colin took Corey & her boys to Conway
I waited for her to get her temporary cast on
then took her home

What kind of friend am I?
I have more pictures of HER than I do of Corey
I have the fall, the swollen arm, her almost passing out and laying on the floor
the hospital pictures
and now I'm wondering what she must have been thinking.......
I'm sorry Carol!

So....that was our eventful party!
If any of you are ever wondering about a different kind of party I would highly
recommend the Skating Rink
It was an awesome afternoon
and with our 50+people
there was still plenty of room
and the kids had so much fun!

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the weekend!


Donielle said...

That sounds so awesome! I know he was thrilled to have so many kids there. I'm glad it all went so well, except for Carol. I'm sorry that happened and I hope she's doing better. Happy Birthday Corey!!

Wendy said...

I am so glad everything turned out great, except for your friend.

Sounds like you had a blast too!

Mary Elizabeth said...

Glad to hear more people ended up coming. That's awesome. The cake is co cute!!! (Sorry to ear about Carol .. OUCH!)

Swim meet went well, but LONG!!!Wish we could have done both and got to skate as well.

Judi said...

That sounds like lots of fun!

Missy's Blog said...

Sounds like a great party ... Corey is so cute!!

I'm so sorry your friend broke her arm. I hope it heals soon.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad Corey had such a great turnout for his party...he looks really happy in the pictures..I am so sorry that Carol broke her arm...poor thing..I skated at somebody's birthday pary several years ago and I was comfortable and started skating pretty fast, when I went around the curve my body went SPLAT!!! Luckily I didn't hurt anything but my pride..I hope Carol gets better soon.

Michele said...

So glad Corey's bday was a success...he looks like he was sooo happy! So sorry Carol broke her arm! This post made me think back to my skating rink days...boy has that been FOREVER ago!

Kelly said...

I am so glad Corey had such a great party! I hate we had to miss it! Poor Carol! I can't even imagine!!! I love the picture of Corey holding all of the balloons!

Jane said...

Happy Birthday Corey! Sounds like all had a great day, except for your friend.

Mary Lou said...

Happy Bday Corey! Sounds like everybody had a blast except Carol. I bet it will be a long time before Corey forgets this birthday!

Mandy said...

So, I am an official stalker on weekends. I have time to read posts, but not here I go..I am glad the party went well. I am sure as a mother you were worried about the turn out and how it would affect Corey's mood, but I am so glad ya'll had so many to come. I am sorry to hear about Carol's accident.

Judson's Mommy said...

I am so happy Corey had a wonderful party! Happy Birthday Corey....

Ellen said...

Happy, happy birthday, Corey. You look like you had one awesome time!

Anonymous said...
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