Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Today is Corey's Birthday

I CAN NOT believe that my little boy is turning 9 years old today
I looked at him sleeping this morning
when I went in to wake him up for school
and my heart felt so full
All of a sudden I was filled with all kinds of emotions
He is growing up way too fast
and I feel like I have missed so much of him being little
just by being so busy with all kinds of things
I've always played a BIG part of his life and been involved with
pretty much every aspect of his life
But......the older he gets the more
I miss him being so little & innocent
But as he grows & matures I love him being my friend!
Happy Birthday Corey
I can NOT begin to tell him what he has meant to me!
I Love Him more with each day that passes
and with each & every moment we share!


Elli said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!
I wish Corey all the best!!!!

Michele said...

Happy Happy 9th Birthday to Corey! Hope he has a GREAT day! Sent him some wishes on his Aunt's page too:-)

Mandy said...

Happy Birthday, Corey! Since doing this blog and reading about everyone's children growing up so fast, I try to take time each day and take in Mason being so little still. Thank you for reminding me or how quickly time can pass. Just remember, no matter how old Corey gets, he is still your baby. My Mama called me her baby till the day she died.

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Corey!!!!! Hope he has a wonderful birthday!!! Such a sweet, sweet post!

Judson's Mommy said...

Happy Birthday Corey!

Missy's Blog said...

Happy Birthday Corey ... I hope it's the BEST birthday ever!

Mary Lou said...

Happy Birthday Corey! Hope you have a great day!

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday Cori!!!!
My Samantha will be 9 in June!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Corey....and such a sweet post Shari!!! Hope ya'll have fun celebrating his birthday!!

Judi said...

They do grow up fast!!

Sue said...

He is a special gift! Happy Birthday Corey! Love you!!!!!!

Cathy said...

Happy Birthday Corey and already nine...god time flies. I hope that you have a wonderful day.